Our vision

We are surrounded by data, sometimes overwhelmed. Though, you know that this data can help you in improving your business performance, but don’t know how !

How can your analysis become smart & actionable? Depends on how well you can find, cleanse, and transform the data to fit your individual business needs.

QODA is your everyday companion that helps you simply use this data to leverage your business.


Our service

Data is useless unless you :
1. Understand your business needs
2. Find the right data to answer your question
3. Shape the data into analysis
4. Report it / spread it

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Convictions & methods

3 blends to get a perfect balance between accuracy, speed & comprehension :
Technology : We don’t promote any specific software or infrastructure. We find the best tools to host & spread your data, dashboards & analyses coping with your needs & constraints.
Design : Our team includes senior art directors who will make sure the results you receive are not only of the art, pleasing to the eye, but also give you accurate results at the right time.
Business Intelligence : Understanding your business, qualify the data to answer your question is a specific task that needs talented business analysts & data scientists.


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Office : 71 rue Marx Dormoy F 75108 Paris
Reach us via mail hello@qodametrics.com Or by phone +33 1 40 38 88 99